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How to file medical or damage complaint

The City is hoping to file an injunction before the next round of spraying,
if they can collect enough medical testimonies. Santa Cruz City is asking residents to report any illness
they suspect may be attributed to an upcoming spraying. City instructions.

In addition to the citys request we still need a copy of all medical complaints. Please read on.

To report an adverse reaction to the recent aerial spraying of the Monterey, Salinas or Santa Cruz areas,
please see your doctor, urgent care provider or local health clinic. Medical professionals are required
by law to fill out and send a SUSPECTED PESTICIDE-RELATED ILLNESS report to state agencies.
If you would, please remind your health care provider to do so, and explain to them how
you think the spraying has impacted you.

Additionally, or if you are not able to visit a medical professional, please download a
Symptom Report form Sign and date it, and send it to:

Please make sure you get a copy of all reports and send to:
Reaction to Spraying
c/o M. Lynb.
P.O. Box 1612
Pebble Beach , CA 93953

Or send your complaint by email to
Please also send a hard copy in the mail with a real signature.

In reporting your complaint to this P. O. Box or email address, you are making it possible for concerned citizen groups to track illnesses caused by the aerial spraying, and to make our governmental representatives and state agencies aware of these illnesses. We are not providing medical care or advice.


When filing an illness report there are 2 forms one for your doctor's report and one symptom complain form.

You can also file a Damage Claim form with CDFA
i.e. Personal Injury/ Property Damage / Other








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Dr Randy Baker, MD
His report.

Medicruz plan is available for some. Emeline st Clinic in Building D.