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WHAT YOU WILL NEED: You will need (2) large (roughly 12X8X2 size, as these fit perfectly inside the big ziplock bags) metal/aluminum pans, tin foil and (2) 2.5 gallon size ziplock bags.

HOW TO COLLECT: The night before your scheduled to be sprayed set out your first pan, in the morning cover it with foil and place it in the zip lock bag. This first night is your control night. The next night which is the spray night, you will set out the 2nd container from 8pm-5am, in the morning cover it with foil and place it in the zip lock bag.

*Scraping cars and other nonporous surfaces may also be added to collection samples. Simple collect your sample with a metal utensil, wrap in foil and ziplock.

*We are also exploring the idea of testing breast milk for exposure to the checkmate toxins, but we do not have a toxicologist set up for this yet. One idea for breast feeding moms is to collect (2) 3 ounce samples of before exposure milk and after exposure milk and freeze. If you or your breastfed baby have a reaction then you could feasibly visit your doctor and request that your samples be analyzed. It's much easier to get breastmilk samples than bloodwork ordered by a doctor. Please share this info with any breastfeeding moms you may know.


It is important to collect samples so we can test what was actually sprayed and the concentration levels. People in surrounding areas should ALSO collect samples to varify the drift factor.

Collecting Samples:

Use clean, sterile aluminum pan like a pie tin or larger. Leave out all night.

You will need 6 tins, one for each night.

Tins should be heated for 15- 20 minutes in oven at 350 degrees before use to make sure they are sterile.

In the morning retreve tin and cover with aluminum foil. Make sure you date each tin and the include what zone was sprayed that night.

Always use rubber gloves when retreving tins the next day and avoid contact with spray.

Store in a cool dark location if possible.

It is important for all zones to collect samples every night.





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