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Nonviolent Guidelines
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*All activities must be strictly nonviolent in action and tone. The attitude conveyed through words, symbols and action should be one of openness, love, and respect towards all people encountered.

* While not denying our feelings, we will harbor no anger, but suffer the anger of the opponent.

*We will refuse to return the assaults, verbal or physical of the opponent. (The term "opponent" is borrowed from Gandhi and is meant to indicate one with whom we are in opposition but whom we do not consider an enemy.) * We will refrain from insults and swearing.

* We will protect opponents from insults or attack.

* If arrested, we will behave in an exemplary manner. We will not evade the legal consequences of our actions.

* As member of a nonviolent demonstration, we will follow the directions of the designated coordinators.

* In the event of a serious disagreement, we will remove ourselves temporarily from the action until the conflict is resolved.

* Our attitude as conveyed through words, symbols and actions will be one of openness, friendliness, and respect toward all people we encounter, including police officers, security and military personnel, and people who work at the theater.

* We will not damage property.

* We will not bring or use any drugs or alcohol (except for medical purposes).

* We will not run or use threatening motions.

* We will carry no weapons.

* We will use no hostile or threatening language.

* We will not express acts of physical aggression.

* We will not destroy property.

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