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Ground Application Page with ingrediants & products.

CheckMate LBAM-F partial ingredients list: (E)-11-Tetradecen-1-yl Acetate,
(E,E) -9,11 Tetradecadien-1-yl Acetate, Crosslinked polyurea polymer,Butylated Hydroxytoluene, Polyvinyl Alcohol, Tricaprylyl Methyl Ammonium Chloride, Sodium Phosphate, Ammonium Phosphate, 1,2-benzisothiozoli-3-one, 2-hydroxy-4-n-octyloxybenzophenone -
Santa Cruz Sentinel -SOURCE: California Department of Agriculture

Check this MSDS from Dupont one of the 3 ingregiants listed includes "1,2-BENZISOTHIAZOLIN-3-ONE" which is in LBAM-F. See Page 2 under "Potential Health Effects" "SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS EFFECTS OF ACUTE OVEREXPOSURE: High oral doses can cause apathy (lack of feeling or emotion)."

Tricaprylyl Methyl Ammonium Chloride: A low-foaming surfactant that keeps polymer beads from sticking together and allows other compounds to dissolve in water. May have some level of antimicrobial properties, which can favor the spread of immune bacteria. In large amounts, surfactants can change the surface tension of water—possibly affecting zooplankton, particularly in shallow waters or along shorelines. Even at modest levels, surfactants can significantly impact amphibians such as frogs.


What is PM10? Particulate Matter = PM
"PM10 from Aerial Spraying Increases Hospitalization and Death" by Knepp Ph.D. and Haferman Ph.D. 4/21/08

"Scientists Spotlight Error in Agency Analysis of LBAM spray" by Knepp Ph.D. and Haferman Ph.D.  Read the Report 4/15/08

American Lung Association - Particulate Matter State of the Air

Particle Pollution Fact Sheet - American Lung Association

Marin Pesticide Spraying Health Hazard Alert By Lawrence Rose M.D., M.P.H., former Senior Public Medical Officer for Cal-OSHA and part of the UCSF Occupational/Environmental Medicine Department

LBAM Checkmate Spray, Agent Orange and Women’s Health


Dr. Elisa Song pediatrician practicing in the Bay Area with a focus on environmental medicine.


Pesticide poisoning and suggested therapies.

"Safety Review: Permethrin" Prepared by Roy Upton, LBAM Liaison Lynette Casper, Research Associate Citizens For Health 04/03/08

Permethrin Listed as a reproductive toxin “Reproductive Hazards of the Workplace” by Linda M. Frazier, MD, MPH & Marvin L. Hage, MD)

Permethrin Human Health Rankings

Ground Application Page with ingrediants & products


"Unidentified Inert Ingredients in Pesticides: Implications for Human and Environmental Health" - Caroline Cox and Michael Surgan



Understanding Microcapsules

The Governor made it clear he supports the aerial spray program and thinks the only some of ingredients should be disclosed "to the maximum extent possible under U.S. trademark law,"




The Toxicity of Checkmate® LBAM-F and Epiphyas postvittana Pheromone to Ceriodaphnia dubia and Fathead Minnow study shows two things.
1) Checkmate® LBAM-F when it pools up like after rain the high pheromone concentrations will cause 100 % mortality in the tested aquatic life.
2)Checkmate® LBAM-F "microcapsules ranged in size from approximately 10 microns to 190 microns". ALA and EPA agree that esposure to particles of this size (image) and smaller have been linked to serious health ploblems like "increased hospitalization for asthma attacks...slowed lung function growth in children and teenagers" and many more health problems.


JAMA Reports on long-term exposure to fine particulate air pollution. CONCLUSION: Long-term exposure to combustion-related fine particulate air pollution is an important environmental risk factor for cardiopulmonary and lung cancer mortality.


American Lung Association says "Particulate matter air pollution is especially harmful to people with lung disease such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)..."


US EPA-United States Environmental Protection Agency says "scientific studies have linked particulate matter,... with a series of significant health problems, including: Premature death."


"Deposition of Nano- and Micron-sized Fibers in the Alveolar Region of the Human Lung" -CIIT Centers for Health Research/Computational Biology, United States


Cover Letter
to the OEHHA/DPR Consensus Statement on LBAM Health Aspects. Dated 11/16/07 yet they had the report Consensus Statement on Human Health Aspects... for two weeks before they decided to release it to the public. The report confirms that the spray could have caused adverse health effects but they would not tell us till after they sprayed Santa Cruz and the rest of Salinas. (Can you feel the trust- they are so honorable- not!)

"Consensus Statement on Human Health Aspects of the Aerial Application of microencapsulated Pheromones to Combat the Light Brown Apple Moth"
-OEHHA/DPR Consensus Statement on LBAM Health Aspects


Emeritus Professor of Pharmacology and Toxicology, The University of Western Ontario. Dr Philp pokes holes in the USDA's report: "Treatment of Light Brown Apple Moth in the Seaside Area in California Environmental Assessment July 2007"


"How toxic chemicals threaten Oregon’s children" -Oregon Environmental Council


"At least 45 sick seabirds washed up" J.M. BROWN SENTINEL STAFF WRITER


"Suterra petitions judge again to seal record" so the people can not find out what exactly is in the biochemical spray. By J.M. BROWN SENTINEL


October 16, 2007- You will want to know about this: Tricaprylyl methyl ammonium chloride Listed in the famous Septemeber 28, 2007 print edition of the Santa Cruz Sentinel. You should be scared!


EPA has a long history of lying to the people. How can we trust anything the EPA says?

Remember Christine T. Whitman? The former head of the Environmental Protection Agency, who knowingly lied and signed off on falsified scientific research on the toxicity of the air in the aftermath of 9/11/01


"When the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved the use of processed free glutamic acid in plant "growth enhancers," the EPA jeopardized the health of every American. But instead of acknowledging and remedying their error once it was pointed out to them, the EPA began a cover-up that virtually guaranteed a healthy bottom line for the producers.


In the words of the Washington Post, the EPA has been found to have "manipulated scientific studies and ignored scientific and statistical practices."


Army Tests Bio-Weapons on U.S. Citizens short by factual video.


October 15, 2007 ---- Get ready Folks! EPA/ CDFA/ Suterra's next moves:
1. Deny the ingerediants are as reported in the print edition of the Santa Cruz Sentinel
2. Claim to have changed the spray to different product that is more safe.
3. Continue to deny the original stuff is toxic.
4. Continue to issue more Cease and Desist orders to hide what is in their toxic mixture.


Dale Kemerya spokesman with the EPA in Washington, D.C. says CheckMate's warning lable is similar to Raid

CheckMate OLR-F/LBAM-F Warning Label states "Hazard to Humans and Domestic Animals. Harmful if absorbed through the skin. Causes moderate eye irritation. Avoid contact with skin eyes or clothing. Harmful if inhaled. Avoid breathing vapor or spray mist." Their warning label also states it's "Environmental Hazard - Do not apply to water or areas where surface water is present"

Do you want raid sprayed over you homes and schools for 6 nights in a row every 30 days? How about with a product that has an EPA emergency exemption like CheckMate? --- IndyMedia Santa Cruz. rocks!


October 13, 2007 Suterra's high priced lawyers try to suppress the what is in the CheckMate product on IndyMedia Santa Cruz and on the website.


October 12, 2007

"As We See It: Public has right to know spray ingredients" -By editor opinion Sentinel -


A judge ordered a temporary halt to aerial biochemical spraying. "O'Farrell named the ingredient in question — polymethylene polyphenyl isocyanate, or PPI, which is listed as a "hazardous agent" by the National Institutes of Health on the agencies' Web site." By JULIA REYNOLDS and DANIEL LOPEZ Herald Staff Writers Monterey County Herald


Info on Isocyanates: "Adverse effects to the breathing system associated with isocyanate exposure include acute (short-term) or chronic (long-lasting) effects due to a single overexposure,..." -OSH


Checkmate ingredients as reported by printed by the Santa Cruz Sentinel (front page - Sept 28, 2007 edition)


Sickness blamed on moth spray During the three day LBAM spray operation in September over Monterey, there were numerous reports of adverse reactions to the pesticide
CheckMate OLR-F. An 11-month-old baby got sick the morning after his neighborhood was sprayed and got worse as the week went by until he was admitted to Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula for severe "respiratory problems". By KEVIN HOWE Herald Staff Writer Monterey County Herald (source)

CheckMate OLR-F Warning Label states "Harmful if absorbed through the skin. Causes moderate eye irritation. Avoid contact with skins eyes or clothing. Harmful if inhaled. Avoid Breathing vapor or spray mist."

CheckMate LBAM-F Label Info
CheckMate OLR-F Label Info

Suterra calls Check Mate OLR-F/LBAM a "BIOCHEMICAL"

September 28 , 2007 Uncertainty in the air: Safety of spraying program questioned Santa Cruz Sentinel Checkmate OLR-F Ingredients as reported by the Santa Cruz Sentinel's front page article (September 28, 2007 edition)

Check Mate OLR-F/LBAM-F, the synthetic pheromone pesticides, are registered pesticides with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. It's also classified as a Toxic III chemical.

Suterra is the manufacturer of CheckMate OLR-F/LBAM. The company's president, Steve Hartmeier, refuses to tell us what is in their pesticide.

"Deposition of Nano- and Micron-sized Fibers in the Alveolar Region of the Human Lung" -CIIT Centers for Health Research/Computational Biology, United States

More on nanotechnology

LBAM Spray - Health
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