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Emotional, Physical Safety, Child Safety and Animal Safety

~Keep breathing, nurture yourself, be kind to yourself, reach out to others for support and to offer support, help each other prepare, trust that your body is safe and protected. Set your intention to join the collective will of our community to NOT be victimized by this experience. Empower yourself by continuing to write/call your representatives, network and share info with neighbors, friends. Allow yourself to express how you are feeling. Breath. Stay calm and remember the words of Franklin D. Roosevelt, that the greatest thing to fear is fear itself. Please keep a healthy perspective on the whole matter as we go forward as a community.


HOW TO SUPPORT YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM, LIVER & DETOX YOUR BODY~ Here are the websites for the doctors below who have offered wonderful suggestions. Tom Cowan, Susan Johnson, and local DR. Randy Baker

*Dr. Tom Cowan has recommended that we all take milk thistle and kelp supplements to help our bodies process the pesticide. He recommends that we begin taking these one week before each spraying and through the spraying and then one week after the spraying. For dosage, he suggests you follow the recommendations on the label of the product you buy. NOT recommended for pregnant or nursing moms!

*Dr. Susan Johnson has recommended that we keep our life bodies healthy as another way to cope with this. This means, especially, early bedtimes, rhythmic lives, and less food at night so that the liver can cleanse in the evening (this is when the liver is most active).

Dr. Randy Baker recommends simple measures to support our pathways of detoxification include taking a good multi-vitamin, extra Vitamin C (2000 mg twice a day is reasonable for most people), liver-supporting herbs such as milk thistle and dandelion, and a healthy diet with a variety of organic fruits and vegetables (including cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli and kale) and quality proteins. Our bodies can and will break the toxins down and excrete them.

*I, mom & nutritionist, recommend that we support our bodies by drinking at least 6 8 ounce glasses of water a day to help flush toxins. Adding ionic concentrace minerals to your water to increase mineral levels to support detox, more info here Adding in CLO, children 1/2t a day, adults 1-2t a day. For folks who are prone to asthma and allergic reactions to pollen, dust and the like, aller-ease enzymes by enzymedica work wonders. I highly recommend that we support our bodies production of glutathione (an amino acid, protecting our cells from toxins/free radicals, our bodies main detoxifier) by using a a combination of 200-600 mcg of selenium (or eat soaked brazil nuts!), a multi strain probiotic/fermented foods (NOW brand Gr8-dophilus is cheap & works well) and UNDENATURED whey protein powder once a day (I recommend Source Naturals True whey). In combination, these support and help establish & maintain healthy flora, alkalize the body and increase glutathione. *Dr. Randy Baker adds to this by recommending whey from organic pastured (grass-fed) cows processed at low temperatures, with his 2 favorite brands being Whey Cool from Designs For Helath and BioPure Protein from Metagenics. Other nutrients known to raise glutathione include Vitamin C, N-Acetylcysteine, Lipoic Acid, and Chlorella (chlorella also supports detoxification via other mechanisms, but one must be very careful in choosing a brand of chlorella, as some contain toxins-his 2 favorite brands are Sun (good but pricey) and Yaeyama (which is distributed by Source Naturals).



*STAY INDOORS DURING THE HOURS OF SPRAY, 8pm-5am! Take every measure to avoid contact with the spray!

*People with compromised health should use every precaution.

*If you live in a drafty house (like we do) seal windows, doors and drafty areas with exterior plastic.

*Cover the outdoor areas of your home with plastic, tarps or other coverings that can be easily disposed of.

*Cover the areas you live, work and play in the most. Cover children's play structures, gardens, ponds. *BRING IN AS MUCH AS YOU CAN!

*Bring in your laundry, re-wash any laundry that is left out during spray and be sure to use gloves.

*Bring in your animals if possible, for larger animals that cannot come indoors try to find them shelter in a barn or other structure, at the very least cover their home. Remember to bring in pet bedding, bowls and toys.

*The morning after spray wear a medical grade protective face mask and gloves when going outdoors.

***Remember that all outdoor surfaces will be covered in spray, door handles to your car, the mailbox, the paper on your lawn, wear gloves!

***Avoid touching gloved/bare hands to face, eyes, mouth, nose. If bare hands/body parts come in contact they should be washed immediately with COLD water for at least 15 minutes.

*Do not use hot water. DO NOT WASH ANYTHING IN HOT WATER!

*We must do our best to avoid inhaling, touching or eating the pellets. *Buy produce that IS NOT locally grown (never imagined I write that!) OR wash all local produce that has been sprayed with veggie wash (can buy at TJ's).

*Run air filters constantly.

*When washing outdoor areas use caution. Folks in Monterey have gotten sick from washing things outside after the spray. Because this is a polymer micro-encapsulation with many hydrocarbon-based chemicals, water may be ineffective in washing away the chemical, Biokleen or an enzyme based surfectant may be more effective, but no one really knows! Washing may create a higher concentration in your soil so if you have kids who play in the dirt this should be considered.

*If you choose not to cover or wash then you should WAIT at least 30 days before exposure to your outdoor area.

*Avoid cutting the lawn as it could stir up the biochemical or use medical grade mask disposable rubber gloves, and wash clothes afterwards.

*Homeless should seek shelter out of spray, consider opening your home/garage to a homeless person OR encourage them to head to South County out of the spray zone, offer them a ride or give them money/passes for the bus.

*Fill your home with indoor plants to help clean the air.


If you develop a reaction to the spray you must seek medical help immediately. Be sure to have your doctor fill out and sign the following form:

You may also fill out the following form: Send it snail mail to: P.O. Box 1612, Pebble Beach, Ca, 93953 or email,

You may also file a Damage Claim form with CDFA: Santa Cruz City Council has posted this link with further info:

PREPARING OUR CHILDREN: Attached are some documents that may help you prepare your families and young children for the spraying of Checkmate, if interested. The first is a letter from Cindy Brooks MFT. The others are therapeutic stories that you may tell your children. *My thoughts as a mother of 3 very active boys is to do our best to keep children busy with indoor art, crafts, dress up, read lots of books, draw together, sing them stay in their autonomic nervous system, avoid triggering their stress nervous system, by staying calm yourself. All the play will help them process what they perceive is happening. Try to answers their questions in a calm loving way that does not invoke fearfulness. Because our children's bodies may be more susceptible to the toxins, should you have to go outdoors cover their body~long pants, long sleeves, boots, gloves, hat. Have your child wear a face mask if they are prone to asthma, are chemically sensitive or have a weak immune system. One last thought is that it might be scary to wear the face mask alone, wear a face mask with them so it seems more normal.

Remember this is a new product. Use Caution.

Additional Basic Safety Precautions:

Stay in doors during the spray 8pm - 5 am.

Take every measure to avoid contact with the spray!

If you come in direct contact with spray wash under cold running water for at least 15 minutes. Do not use hot water.

Avoid touching areas that have been sprayed then touching you eyes, ears nose and mouth. Like your car door the next morning, or the newspaper that lays on the grass overnight.

Seal doors, windows and draft areas.

Use high quality air filters.

Should you decide to wash outdoors area use caution. Some folks in Monterey have gotten sick from washing things outside after the spray. Maybe because it stirs up the biochemical. You will have to make that decision to wash or not to wash outdoor areas.


If you decide to wash things outside and use medical grade mask and disposable rubber gloves.

All playing areas for childern including toys should be washed before use or should be avoided if you decide not to wash. Wait atleast 30 days before use ifyou decide not to wash..

Avoid cutting lawn as it could stir up the biochemcial or use medical grade mask disposable rubber gloves, and wash clothes afterwards.

It might be best to cover things outside with a cloth that can be discarded after the 6 day spray.

Remember to use rubber gloves that can be discarded after touching anything outside.

By food that is not grown locally or wash very well in cold water before eating. Remember to use gloves.

Clothes left outside should be rewashed.

Homeless should seek shelter out of spray ie parking garages, under bridges etc.

Monterey folks recommend indoor plants to help clean the air.

Animal Saftey
Emergency Animal Poison Control 1-888-426-4435

Keep animals inside, and bring pet bedding, bowls food, water and toys inside.

Disguard all toys that have been left out during the spray.

You might want to consider covering an area outside with a disposable tarp for you pet to go potty or play.

Thanks to Azalyne SkyeOlson for helping gather this great information




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We are not doctors. We are not providing medical advice.
If you develop a reaction from the spray seek medical help immediately. Call 911

Remember this is a new product. Use Caution.

People with compromised health should use every precaution. This is a new biochemical and until we learn more you should take care.

Pesticide poisoning and suggested therapies. by Nna

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