The air that we breathe every day contains a lot of substances, good and bad.  Air quality is a very important issue.  Governments worldwide try to limit the use of potentially harmful elements.  However, the impact that humans have on the environment, cannot always be prevented.

Everything we humans do will have an effect on the environment.  Cleaning out new areas to live in and to conduct agriculture will automatically result in reducing biodiversity, causing native species of plants and animals to disappear, making room for more, desirable cultivars.

When natural habitat is disturbed, new kinds of pests and animals will start taking over which will need to be kept at bay.  Keeping these under control, some type of pesticide or other preventative actions will leave a footprint in the air, earth and water.

Governments and world organisations set out regulations that have to be adhered to, to try to minimize the impact humans and their activities have on the environment.  But even with these regulations in place, we still cannot prevent air pollution and other adverse influences that follow daily human workings.

Breathing in clean air might have become a thing of the past.