Air Resources Management

Air consists of gases which form a layer that surrounds the Earth and make up the Earth’s atmosphere.  The atmosphere is critical to all life forms, human, animal, insect and plants.  Good, clean air is essential to maintaining any and all life forms.

World organizations and Governments work together to implement legislation, programs, and action groups to find and develop ways that will minimize and prevent further contamination and damage to the atmosphere.

Managing and Preventing Damages to Air Resources:

Limiting and Reducing Harmful Emissions:  To improve the quality of air, strict regulations are implemented to address new issues and to achieve higher regulatory standards for protecting the air resources, ozone and atmospheric quality.

Building Relationships Worldwide:  To promote efforts to maintain and improve air quality, it will be to the benefit of all, to build collaborative relationships to reduce conflict and differences in opinions.  Communities and governments and organizations working together will be the ultimate goal.

Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of analyses:  To be able to analyse and monitor air quality effectively, the need arose to enhance already high standards through employing air quality experts and to use the best quality monitoring data.

At LBAM Spray we will provide the best strategies to limit activities that can potentially be harmful to the ozone.  We also offer learning opportunities to be helpful in the protection and management of air resources.