How To Choose The Best Air-conditioner For Your House

There are a few things to consider when you are thinking about getting an Air-Conditioner for your house.  Air conditioning works differently than heating does; which can be as easy as plugging in a space-heater at an electrical outlet, will not work with cooling down that same space.

The hot air needs to be pumped out of the space before you can keep it cool, meaning that you need to either go through a window or outside wall.  Air conditioning will need a lot more planning and parts and will be more expensive.

Choices you have:

The following possibilities are only able to cool one or two rooms together.  You will need to prioritise the rooms that you want to cool.

  1. Portable Air-Conditioner Unit: This will be your simplest option with no going through walls, etc.  The device usually sits on the floor near to a window.  It has two hoses, one carrying the hot air out through the window and one bringing in fresh air.  These units have adjustable frames to keep the hoses in place in the window.

You still need a connection to the outside to have these units function best.  All the parts come in one box.

  1. Window Units: Window units come in different sizes but are designed to roughly fit standard sized windows.  There are mini sized units designed to fit casement windows.  It may prove difficult to find a window unit that fits perfectly.  Window units are quite easy to install and they are very portable.

Window units prove to me the most painless and cost-effective solution when you need to cool single rooms.  All parts also fit into one box.

To cool larger areas, more than one or two rooms at once, you will need to look into the feasibility of a “ductless” system.

  1. Wall Units: This is the more complicated option, by far.  This device is much the same as the window units, except for the fact that it does not use pre-existing holes.  You need to cut a hole to fit in the unit.  These units need more planning, take care of existing pipes in the walls, etc. and then ensure that the hole you make will not compromise the stability of your house.

This option, however, has lots more cooling power, therefore, is more efficient, and will also save on your energy bill, because of these features.

Before you make your choice of what type of Air-Conditioner to choose, take into account how many rooms you want to be cooler.  Also make sure what type of installation you may or may not do what you can afford and what will work best for your needs.

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