How to Remove a Chemical Smell from a Memory Foam Mattress?

Memory foam is one of the popular material in the mattress industry. Most mattress owners have expressed great satisfaction with memory foam products. However, some of them complain about the unpleasant smell produced by foam mattresses.

Some mattress owners are very sensitive to chemical smell although foam smell is not harmful. If you are one of those sleepers who feel disturbed by mattress odor, this article is going to highlight some solutions to help you deal with mattress odors.

  • Allow it to air out

Despite the chemical composition of memory foam mattresses, so chemical smell may not be originating from the mattress itself. Sometimes the packaging materials could be the source, so it is recommended to place your mattress outdoors for a few hours after unboxing.

Alternatively, you can leave it in a well-ventilated room laying on its sides to allow time for the chemical smell to dissipate. To speed up the airing out process, you can open the windows and turn the fan on. N/B make sure it stays in an open place for a few hours so that all smell escapes.

Try baking soda, vinegar and order absorbers: freshness booster

Sometimes airing may not remove the odor completely. Therefore, if you have already aired your mattress and it still smells, you can boost the freshness by sprinkling baking soda on it and then leave it overnight before vacuuming the powder.

The following day flip the mattress, sprinkle baking powder on it again, and let it sit overnight before vacuuming it. If the smell persists, then you can try vinegar and order absorbers. Vinegar and order absorber can help keep the room smelling fresh by absorbing the bad smells of a new mattress. Choose the best murphy beds now.

The good thing with air absorbers is that you can just throw away once it is done. My word of caution is; do not spray the mattress because the spray will replace the chemical order with a new order yet you want to make your mattress odorless.

  • Allow kids to jump on the mattress

If you have kids at home, let them jump on the mattress as they jump they compress air cells that have trapped the chemical smell and this speed up the airing out process.

However, this should not make you feel overwhelmed if you do not have kids at home because you can do it yourself but moderately to avoid damaging the mattress. Avoid staying in one area more than a few areas so that the mattress does not breathe in the same area you’re trying to remove.

  • Be patient it will not last long

Although, the smell could be making you uncomfortable one thing you are sure of is that the smell would last for long. It is only going to sustain for a few days after which it will completely disappear.


Mattress off-gassing can be overwhelming especially for sleepers sensitive to smell. Luckily and as noted above, there are few tips that you can use to deal with your smelly mattress and make habitable. These tips include airing out, using baking powder, vinegar, and order absorbers, allowing kids to jump on the mattress and lastly been patient for a few days before the smell goes off completely.

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