How To Set Up Odour Removing In Your Cannabis Grow Tent

Even though growing Cannabis is not illegal everywhere, it is safer, and more considerate to your neighbours, to prevent odours escaping from your grow room.  Legal growers and dispensaries also use preventative measures to eliminate odours from their grow rooms.

Tips on Removing Odours from your Cannabis Grow Tent:

  1. Carbon Filters: Carbon filters is a most important investment towards eliminating odours from your Cannabis grow room.  In case of an urgent need, always keep a spare carbon filter at hand.  These filters work by removing the odours and locking them inside.

Do not keep the filters working till they are finished, it is preferable to switch carbon filters regularly.  Carbon filters are seen as essential equipment for a grow room.

Having a Smell Emergency?  An easy trick is to put an exhaust fan on top of your carbon filter.  Place it in the middle of the room and find how quickly the odours clear up throughout the whole room.

  1. Odour Neutralizers: These products do not eliminate the smells from the grow room; they neutralize smells through binding with the smell.  They often have a strong fragrance that will help to cover up any smell.

Do not use these on your plants or even near your plants.  The smell can stick to the buds and alter their natural form.

  1. Air Purifiers: The idea of clean, pure air to breathe may be a lovely idea, but most purifiers will not get all the smells from a grow room.  You cannot use them on their own.
  2. Low Odour Cannabis Strains: These plants produce a neutral, non-cannabis-like smell, even when they are approaching harvest time.

There are some growers that believe you should use an ozone generator for eliminating odours, but they are just not as effective as a carbon filter.  Ozone generators are in actual fact bad for the environment and are illegal in some countries.

When planning your Cannabis grow, the size of your grow tent, and where you are going to keep it, start planning your odour elimination methods first.  You need to make sure that your carbon filters and air purifiers will be able to deal with the odours produced in your Cannabis Grow room.

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