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Philadelphia Water Department Whether providing safe water for residents to drink, supplying water for industries to manufacture goods, or protecting the region's water resources, serving our customers with quality has been our commitment throughout our nearly 200-year history. Changesto the myPATH is a new, easy-to-use online system available for taxpayers who file and pay certain tax types, including Personal Income Tax and Property Tax/Rent Rebate applications. Our City's success is based on your success. If youre unsure, contact the agency at 215-686-6579 or [emailprotected]. Each estimated payment must be equal to 25% of the Net Profits Tax computed from the prior taxable year. If no return is filed, non-filer penalties are imposed. If you are a new business, register online with the PA Department of Revenue to retrieve your account number and filing frequency. We have alsopublished this guide to help you get started. Concourse Level The tax can be filed and paid on-line. The letter will come in the mail with a unique code that you can use to access your tax accounts. The extension period cannot exceed the end date of the Federal extension. On November 30, 2022, myPATH services will be expanded to include online services for the majority of the business taxes administered by the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue. Rates, Regulations, & Responsibilities Drinking Water Wastewater Stormwater Rates, Regulations, & Customer Responsibilities myPATH. From the "New taxpayers "panel on the homepage, click " Register a new taxpayer" to create a log in. You do not need a username and password to make tax clearance requests in the Tax Center. Were always working to improve But if you are an existing taxpayer in Philadelphia, you must create a new username and password to take full advantage of these new tools. Proudly founded in 1681 as a place of tolerance and freedom. The Department of Revenue also administers the Citys many tax and assistance programs. . Water Revenue Bureau Philadelphia, PA 19105-1660, Mail Returns Requesting a Refund to Please enable scripts and reload this page. Please enable scripts and reload this page. You only need to create a username and password to request a verification letter from us. If you have trouble registering through the Philadelphia Tax Center, please call (215) 686-6600 for all the help you need. Report Fraud Instructions for Filing Benefits Online Reopen a Claim Contact Us POPULAR ON UC.PA.GOV Last 24 Hours Last 7 Days Last 30 Days Last 365 Days Filing a Weekly Claim Filing an Initial Claim Contact Us - UC Benefits Philadelphia, PA 19105-1393, Mail Returns Not Requesting Refund to Collecting taxes, water charges & other payments, to support the City and School. Taxpayers can obtain a60 day extension (until June 15) that can be obtained by filing an extension form. You may be trying to access this site from a secured browser on the server. Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Mail All Payments With a Payment Coupon To Philadelphia Department of Revenue P.O. Please update your bookmarks. The failure of any person to receive a tax package does not excuse them from the responsibility of filing a return and paying the tax due. myPATH is the new online portal that has replaced many of the Department of Revenue's online services. If you already have a Philadelphia tax account number and payment frequency, yyou can find these on previous correspondence received from the Philadelphia Department of Revenue. Visit the Department of Revenue websitefor current rate information. If youre unsure, contact the agency at 1-888-PATAXES (1-888-728-2937). You can find this account number on your water bill. Philadelphia Department of Revenue Taxpayers requesting tax clearance certificates will need to visit the Tax Clearance area of the Philadelphia Tax Center. If your account number is longer than digits, only enter the first 7 digits. Write a business plan, assess your financial situation & explore financing opportunities. Net Profits Tax is due by businesses organized as: The rental of property, in most cases, is considered the operation of a business. Bulk upload files and payments for sales tax and employer withholding accounts. Box1393 In addition, themyPATHhomepage panels, themyPATHsign up process, and some logged in options have changed. With this update, the department's customers now have a more streamlined and intuitive system for managing business taxes. Learn how rates are set, the policies and regulations governing terms of service and what your responsibilities are as a customer. PA Tax Talk is the Department of Revenue's blog, which informs taxpayers and tax professionals of the latest news and developments from the department. Additional options are offered exclusively to users who opt to create an account. Pennsylvania City-Level Payroll Tax Details, Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry, Pennsylvania Withholding Tax Account Number, Semi-weekly, Semi-monthly, Monthly, or Quarterly, Employer Quarterly Return of Withholding Tax (PA-W3), W-2 Transmittal Annual Reconciliation (REV-1667), Employer's Quarterly Wage and Tax Information, Weekly, Semi-Monthly, Monthly, or Quarterly, City of Pittsburgh Quarterly Payroll Expense Tax (ET-1), City of Pittsburgh Local Services Tax Quarterly Return (LS-1), City of Pittsburgh Local Services Tax Annual Reconciliation, City of Philadelphia Quarterly Wage Tax Return, Quarterly Local Services Tax (LST) Filing, Earned Income Tax (EIT) Annual Reconciliation, Local Services Tax (LST) Annual Reconciliation. of Revenue P.O. Box 53360 Philadelphia, PA 19105. Our City's success is based on your success. Only government entities in the U.S. can end in .gov, Diversity, inclusion, accessibility & immigration, An official website of the City of Philadelphia government, Ask the DHS Commissioners Action Response Office (CARO), Begin the probate process (without a will), Get archival birth, death, and marriage records, Request DNA/paternity test information from the Medical Examiner, Find a minority, woman, or disabled-owned business, Report possible fraud, waste, or other issues on contracts, Business licenses, permits, and approvals, Find loans through the Philadelphia Business Lending Network, Meet your areas business services manager, Find financial support and incentives for your business, Register as a minority, woman, or disabled-owned business, Bid on a Services, Supplies, and Equipment contract, File Transparency in Business Act disclosure forms, Pay the fee for a professional services contract online, Apply for a Temporary No Parking (TNP) permit, Get a permit to operate a tour (pedicab, Segway, bus, bicycle, running), Suggest a location for an Indego bike station, File a complaint about criminal record discrimination in employment, File a complaint about employment discrimination, File a complaint about pre-employment testing for marijuana, File a complaint about housing or property discrimination, File a complaint about public accommodations discrimination, File a complaint about unfair rental practices, File a complaint against a Philadelphia police officer, Recommend a police officer for commendation, Prisons, incarcerated people, and returning citizens, Get notified when an incarcerated person is released, Finding and contacting incarcerated people, Get help resolving a conflict with a neighbor, Make an appointment at the Philadelphia Parks & Rec Historic Archive, Apply for a Philadelphia Activities Fund grant, Find Philadelphia Parks & Recreation activities, Enroll in a youth Parks & Recreation program, Nominate someone for a Mayors Day of Service Recognition Award, Apply for the 911 program for people with disabilities, Find child care and early childhood education, Find an after school or summer program for children, Nominate someone for the Joan Markman Award for Integrity, Services for people experiencing homelessness, Learn how to get and use naloxone (Narcan), Protect yourself from West Nile virus and Lyme disease, Get emergency treatment (PEP) after recent exposure to HIV, Get walk-in testing and treatment for STIs, Get support for a child with special health care needs, Get directly observed therapy (DOT) for tuberculosis, Apply for an Urban Health Policy Fellowship, Submit a study to the Health Commissioners Office Review Committee, Report an infectious disease (for health care providers), Submit a research study to the Institutional Review Board (IRB), File a complaint about a medical provider, File a complaint about a medical facility, File a water quality complaint for a swimming pool, File a complaint about a child care facility, File a complaint about a barber shop or beauty salon, Report a food illness or food safety concern, Volunteer for the Philadelphia Medical Reserve Corps (MRC), Make an appointment to pay City taxes or a water bill in person, Use Modernized e-Filing (MeF) for City taxes, Understand the PBT notification-confirmation process, Set up a payment agreement for your business or income taxes, Apply for the Voluntary Disclosure Program for overdue taxes, Submit an Offer in Compromise to resolve your delinquent business taxes, Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) resources, Report a change to lot lines for your property taxes, Community Development Corporation (CDC) Tax Credit, Life Partner and Transgender Care Health Benefits Tax Credits, Philadelphia Re-Entry Program (PREP) Tax Credit, Request a refund for City taxes or water bills, Request a refund for taxes paid to local jurisdictions, Request a technical/private letter ruling for unusual tax circumstances, Make an appointment for City taxes or a water bill in person, Water bill affordability, assistance programs, and payment plans, Apply for the senior citizen water bill discount, Appeal a water bill or water service decision, Set up an Owner-occupied Real Estate Tax Payment Agreement (OOPA), Set up a Real Estate Tax Installment Plan, Apply for the Longtime Owner Occupants Program (LOOP), Enroll in the Real Estate Tax deferral program, Apply for the low-income senior citizen Real Estate Tax freeze, Set up a Real Estate Tax installment plan, Set up a Real Estate Tax payment plan for property you dont live in, Disputes and appeals for taxes or water bills, Prevent sequestration of your property due to unpaid debts, Contact a collection agency to resolve a debt, Resolve bills or liens for work done by the City on a property, Use code enforcement numbers to request a payoff, Get free help applying for public benefits, Enroll in direct deposit as a vendor or a foster parent, Pay your commercial trash/refuse collection fee, Get a Make Safe Permit for a dangerous building, Get a building permit for a tank to store hazardous materials, Get an Electrical Permit to install solar panels, Get a Zoning Permit for new construction or additions, Get a Zoning Permit for complete demolition, Get a Zoning Permit for site clearing or earth disturbance, Get a Zoning Permit to change the use of a property, Get a Zoning Permit to adjust property lot lines, Get a dust control permit for construction and demolition, Request a permit for a septic system or private sewer line, Submit a plan for handling infectious waste at a health care facility, Submit lead certification and inspection reports, Events in a City park, field, or rec center, Get a permit for a large event or festival, Get a Friends and community group event permit, Get a wedding ceremony or wedding photo permit, Reserve a Parks & Recreation facility or field, Get a Temporary Occupancy Permit for a special event, Apply to provide food or drinks at a special event, Apply to hold a block party or street event, Search tobacco retailer permit eligibility by neighborhood, Apply to operate equipment that emits or controls air pollution, Apply to install equipment that emits or controls air pollution, Submit as a PA Home Improvement Contractor to get construction permits, Register in eCLIPSE as a design professional or attorney of record, Get approval for construction in the floodplain, Request a preliminary review of construction projects, Get a project scoping meeting for a multi-phased project, Get an Auto Wrecking Yard and Tire Storage License, Schedule a sanitation/safety inspection for a child care facility, Schedule a sanitation/safety inspection for in-home child care, Get a Dumpster License (Private or Right-of-Way), Get a Limited Engagement Small Games of Chance License, Get a Food Preparation and Serving License, Get a Food Establishment Retail, Non-Permanent Location License, Get a Food Establishment Retail, Permanent Location License, Change ownership of a stationary food business, Change ownership of a mobile food business, Apply for a plan review for a stationary food business, Apply for a plan review for a mobile food business, Get a Limited Lodging and Hotels Booking Agent License, Get a Residential Property Wholesaler License, Get a Vacant Residential Property License, Get a license to sell goods in special vending districts, Register as a generator manufacturer representative, Get an Electrical Inspection Agency License, Get a Fire Suppression Systems Contractor License, Get a Fire Suppression Systems Worker License, Get a Fire Suppression Systems Apprentice License, Get a Fire Suppression WorkerSpecialty License, Get a Fire Suppression WorkerKitchen Fire Extinguishing System License, Apply for or renew certification for a body art establishment, Appeal a denied residential parking spot for people with disabilities, Appeal to the Board of Building Standards (BBS), Appeal to the Board of License and Inspection Review, Appeal a zoning decision to the Zoning Board of Adjustment (ZBA), Appeal to the Board of Safety and Fire Prevention (BOSFP), Search for property history and business license information, Get a copy of a license, permit, or violation, Make an appointment with the Permit and License Center, Report an unlicensed contractor or unpermitted work, Find a licensed contractor and contractor information, Sign up to stop unsolicited offers on your home, Get a copy of a deed or other recorded document, Low-income senior citizen Real Estate Tax freeze, Set up an Owner-occupied Real Estate Tax payment agreement (OOPA), Get a nonprofit real estate tax exemption, Get a real estate tax adjustment after a catastrophic loss, Save your home from mortgage and tax foreclosure, Apply for a grant to clear your homes title, Visit a City-funded homeless intake center, Get home repairs and modifications for seniors, Apply for a low-interest home improvement loan, Report a problem with a building, lot, or street, Register a burglar alarm / Pay the annual fee, Notify 911 dispatchers of disability needs in your household, Report a problem on a city street, sidewalk, or alley, Report a problem with a street or alley light, Report a problem with a traffic light or sign, Request a traffic light or report a problem, Request a traffic sign or report a problem, Report a missing or damaged manhole cover, Apply for a street closure permit for construction, Apply to paint an X on the street in front of your driveway, Apply for streetery prerequisite approval, Request a crossing guard for an intersection near your school, Request a traffic calming and safety study, Find your trash and recycling collection day, Find a sanitation convenience center to drop off trash or recycling, Report a problem with trash, recycling, or city upkeep, Request trash pickup for a condo or co-op, Pay your Commercial Trash Fee (Refuse Collection Fee), Apply for a job with the City of Philadelphia, Get notified about civil service job openings, Apply for an internship at the Medical Examiners Office, File an Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) complaint, File a COVID-19 retaliation complaint against an employer, File for unpaid leave because of domestic violence or sexual assault, Report a Domestic Worker Bill of Rights violation, Report wrongful discharge for parking employees, Get approval for work to a historic property, Philadelphia City Planning Commission plan reviews, Request a plan consistency letter for a development proposal, Get an affordable housing zoning bonus review, Apply for construction approval from the Art Commission, Apply for encroachment approval from the Art Commission, Apply for sign, awning, or canopy approval from the Art Commission, Apply for artwork approval from the Art Commission, Participate in a Zoning Board of Adjustment (ZBA) hearing, Amusement, Hotel, Outdoor Advertising, Parking, Valet Parking, Vehicle Rental Taxes due. There have been changes to both the Philadelphia Tax Clearance service and the Homestead Exemption application, and there are new ways to access both. Philadelphia Tax Clearance Taxpayers requesting tax clearance certificates will need to visit the Tax Clearance area of the Philadelphia Tax Center . Ability to file and make payments for additional business tax accounts including, but not limited to sales and use tax, employer withholding tax, and specialty corporation taxes. Provide Feedback. The City of Philadelphia is a city built by entrepreneurs. If youre unsure, contact the agency at 412-255-2543. Paper tax packages are no longer mailed to taxpayers. When requesting account access to a clients account, the department no longer requires the client to sign up as a first party for. of Revenue P.O. The current year estimated Net Profits Tax is payable in two estimated payments. As a First Party, you will have the option to Add Access to these accounts without further validation. You may need the following information before you pay online: Invoice Number and Payment Number or Street Address or be a Registered User with a Username The system neverthelessallows you to access several serviceswithout creating a username and password. Water Bill Payments Water Revenue Bureau P.O. HARRISBURG Pennsylvania lawmakers are once again mulling over whether to allow local police departments to use radar guns to pull over speeders. These tax accounts include, but are not limited to: Third Parties will have the option to request access to their clients Business Tax accounts on. Department of Revenue You do not need a username and password to apply for any Real Estate Tax assistance programs on the Tax Center, including the Homestead Exemption. However, creating a username and password can streamline the resolution of tax clearance issues. This is different from the account number that Pittsburgh issues on a quarterly basis, which will not be collected by Square Payroll. Click here to search eCLIPSE. of Revenue P.O. We are here to help you Plan, Launch, and Manage your business. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the process. 1401 John F. Kennedy Boulevard Taxpayers applying for the Homestead Exemption will need to visit the Philadelphia Tax Center. Please update your bookmarks. Learn More Customer Service Center Were always working to improve Send and receive secure messages from the Revenue Department, and more. Concourse Level The Philadelphia Water Department (PWD) serves the Greater Philadelphia region by providing integrated water, wastewater and stormwater services. A return must be filed even if a loss is incurred. myPATH features available on the homepage (without signing up for username or password): While logged into a myPATH profile, you can: Compatible with any device and most browsers, Verification that all required information is included on your return before it is submitted, Make bill payments from a bank account or using a credit/debit card, Make return payments, estimated tax payments, and extension payments (individuals, fiduciaries, and partnerships), Submit documentation in response to certain letters, Check the status of an individual refund or rebate, Track the status of an inheritance tax return, File PA W-3 Quarterly Reconciliation and REV-1667 Annual Withholding Reconciliation Returns, Submit W-2 and 1099 Withholding Statements, Access your tax information, including your recent submissions at any time, View and print copies of letters sent to you by the department, Send electronic messages instead of contacting the department by phone, Make payments and save banking information, Set up your own payment plan for most tax types, File original and amended returns for most tax types, Respond to a Letter, Find a Submission, and Track My Inheritance Tax Return options are being moved to a new, All tax due dates will be available from the, The existing Individuals panel will be replaced with a, A new service to File a Use Tax Return will be available from the, A new service to Request a Corporate Lien Certificate will be available from the new. No need for a verification letter from us. myPATH homepage (non-logged in), Changes to the You may need the following information before you pay online: Payment Number and Access Code or Notice Number and OPA Number or Company ID and Tax ID or be a You will also realize that you no longer have to call, email, or visit us for such services as applying for tax credits or submitting refund requests. You may need the following information before you pay online: Federal Entity Identification Number (EIN) or your Social Security Number (SSN) or Philadelphia Tax Account Please visit WRBs site for more information on topics such as: Billing and Account Questions:Water Revenue Bureau(215) 685-63008:00 a.m 5:00 [email protected], Mail Payments to:Water Revenue BureauP.O. You may be trying to access this site from a secured browser on the server. These and other services have moved to myPATH, the Department of Revenue's new online portal, available at

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